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Private Tendering Processes

As a general rule many private companies follow government procurement models but with a couple of important deviations. These deviations are generally in the way that private industry approach the market. On one hand, for the majority of their tendering, Governments rely on an open public tendering process which allows the market to determine what is a fair and reasonable price for the particular goods or services the Government Department requires. Private organisations on the other hand will generally request prices from a select group of tenders or a select tendering process.

The other deviation from the Government tendering model can be seen in the tender evaluation process applied by private industry. Government evaluation procedures apply "value for money" principle to the tender evaluation process. Private industry evaluation process, on the other hand consider price as the most important evaluation criteria and any others secondary. 

Having said that it is important to understand Private industry tendering processes and in particular the mechanisms by which contractors are selected.


Pre-Registration is a process where the tenderer provides information on their capacity, HSES processes, Quality Assurance, insurances among others, to pre-qualify as a preferred tenderer. This process allows the principle to pre-select the companies that will receive invitations to tender.

Expression of Interest 

Many companies will request an "expression of interest" to a tender process, this process will generally see an advert placed in the paper which calls for companies interested in a particular project to express their interest in the project prior to receiving the tender documentation.

Invitation to Tender 

Private tendering can also be by way of invitation to tender. An invitation to tender can either be an open tender process where the company calling for the tender will place an advert in the tender section of a newspaper requesting prices for a particular project. Or alternatively, can be a direct invitation to a company that has previously contracted work for the principle.  

The tendering process that private companies use can be a combination of different tendering processes to call for tenders. The important issue here is to ensure that you have registered your interest in tendering for the particular project with the company that is calling for the tender. It is very important that you contact the company calling for the tender to ensure that you are eligible to tender on the project.

Remember, unsolicited tender responses may be rejected by the company calling for the tender.  


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We are thrilled to have picked up a 3 year Maintenance Contract with a major WA Port. You got us over the line, so many thanks. 20-05-2013

Luke, Success

The first Council Maintenance Contract we have ever won in 15 years of business! Great work and thanks for your hard work. 04-02-2013

Greg, Roleystone

We won! I'd just like to say a huge thank you to you both for the work on the tender document, we had many positive comments. I look forward to working with you both in the future. Thanks once again guys, don’t know what we would’ve done without you. 19-04-2012

Teresea, Malaga

You have saved our organisation time, money and effort and provided us with the ability to not only manage our tenders effectively but also with tools to develop our bid responses. 09-01-2012

David, Rockingham

Thank you for expertise and guidance but most of all thank you for your patience-11-10-2011

 Terese, Perth

Your Tender Response to the Department of Parliamentary Service RFT DPS10093 was out standing the evaluation committee stated it was their hope that in the future all tender response could be so comprehensive and detailed 18-01-2011.

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